New Lount Nature Reserve

Average Time: 30-40 mins

Type of Walking: Woodland tracks and open grassland

Refreshments Available: No but picnic tables en route

Starting Point: New Lount Nature Reserve, Melbourne Road, Newbold Coleorton LE67 8JH

Published date: 30th August 2018

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New Lount Nature Reserve

New Lount Nature Reserve is situated off Melbourne Road in Newbold Coleorton.  There is a small car park which is free of charge but is locked overnight so please check closing times.  For Sat Nav users, the postcode is LE67 8JH.

Facing the signboard in the car park turn to your right and take the path at the far end which continues in the same direction as the track you drove in on.  This leads off through a wooden gate and past a signboard that shows you the historical map of the site, giving the locations of the original colliery workings.

After a short distance a smaller path leads off to the left - turn left and follow this path out into a large open area where some of the old locomotive tracks can still be seen.  Going over the tracks, turn right and you will find yourself on an wide path that leads into a pretty section of well established woodland. Pass by a blue horseshoe marker where a bridle path goes off to your right with a footpath leading off shortly after it. Continue straight ahead along the wide track keeping the wooden fencing on your left. Keep on this path as it  starts to go uphill and then curves round to the right to arrive at a set of wooden steps leading up to the wetland ponds that are now well established on the site.

At the top of the steps you turn left onto a wooden walkway that bends around the end of the largest pond, passing a large wooden jetty - a wonderful spot on a sunny day.  After the jetty continue to walk straight ahead up an incline onto open grassland dotted with gorse bushes - look out for the raptor nest box housed on a tall pole in this area.  Keep straight ahead, leaving the pond behind you and cross the open grassland, to reach a wide trackway leading through an open gateway with a further blue horseshoe sign off to the right.

You will soon arrive at a further gateway where the path passes through the smaller wooden gate to a crossroads of tracks.  Turn immediately right and go down this wide track, past fields and paddocks to reach a set of metal gates leading out onto the roadside. Going through the metal footpath gate, turn right onto the grass verge and walk alongside the road, passing by some large houses, to arrive back at the entrance to the Nature Reserve that you drove in on.  Turn right and follow the driveway back down to the car park.